Premium Suite Hotels is a hotel chain with a long history in the hospitality business, with innovation, sustainability and a devoted customer service as its pillars.




It began 30 years ago, in 1988, when a family from Barcelona in the business of woodworks and wood building, decided to innovate by creating an aparthotel, for which they refurbished an existing building near Plaça Bonanova, in Bisbe Sivilla Street. They opted for furnishing the studio-type rooms with a kitchenette, in order for the clients to be able to enjoy the services of a hotel, but having the possibility of cooking their own food and, therefore, feel at home. It is a property which is totally focused on customer satisfaction. Nowadays, Barcelona is a city with a wide range of apartment options, but back then, it was a brand-new concept. Aparthotel Bonanova, now Bonanova Suite, is currently one of the “classic” establishments in the city.

1996 was the year when it was decided that they would include a second hotel. Acacia Suite, the second property of the group, is a 4-star establishment located next to Hospital Clínic in Barcelona, in the Eixample District, with the same customer satisfaction DNA as its forerunner.

Several years later, in 2011, the group presented Ako Suite as its third property, a 4-star boutique hotel with a rooftop terrace and pool, located just a few minutes from Rambla Catalunya.

When Ako Suite opened its doors, the time had come to create a hotel chain brand that would unite and identify all the properties with a shared goal, presenting them as a single entity, not only at the commercial level but also online. That is how Premium Suite Hotels came into being.

2013 brought about a new addition. Abarco Apartaments, the fourth property of the group, filled a niche in the city of Santa Coloma, with great potential, but virtually devoid of hotels. Just 25 minutes from Plaça Catalunya, with easy access to the Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya where F1 and MotoGP take place, it is also an ideal place for accommodating employees of companies of all the industrial and business parks in the neighboring counties. Abarco Apartaments has also become the perfect choice for travelers on tighter budgets.

Incidentally, it is worth noting that the names of three of the properties are tree names: AKO(Genus Antiaris), ACACIA(mainly genus Acacia) and ABARCO(Carinianapyriformis). That is a reflection of the group’s prioritizing sustainability, and the fact that wood is present in all our properties. Only the first one, BONANOVA, bears the name of the area where it is located.





Premium Suite Hotels Group has solid values at its core that confer it a special personality:

  • Customer orientation.We believe that the commitment our staff puts into their work, must always be aimed at making our guests feel at home and eventually decide they will make our hotels their accommodation of choice in Barcelona. Ourclients’ opinionsare ourbestadvertising.
  • Staff. The joint effort of all the company’s departments is highly important for the ongoing improvement of the hotel chain. We have a highly motivated team, that combines experience and a fresh outlook. Ifthe staff is happy, the service will be flawless.
  • Sustainability. Premium Suite Hotels invests in sustainability. All our rooms are designed to protect the environment, with AA+ appliances, tap filters, LED and natural lighting, and prime-quality recycled woods.
  • Suppliers. Before signing a partnership with a new supplier, we check theirqualitystandardsoftheirproductsorservices and try toestablishlong-termrelationships.
  • Corporate Social Responsibility. We have special offers for patients and their families visiting any of the hospitals and clinics in Barcelona. Wealso provide free rooms in collaboration with someprojectsofthecity’shospitals.



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