The usual Mercè in a different world

By 10 September, 2021November 15th, 2022Blog, General, Noticias Premium Suite Hotels

It has been and will be a difficult year, but La Mercè is back and although some restrictions and precautionary measures will still have to be respected, Barcelona is once again passionate about its main festival, a celebration that once again turns the city into a shower of traditions, street arts, circus, dance, music and cinema.

This year’s festival will once again bring us into contact with the traditions we hold most dear and will provide us with good excuses to reconquer the city while enjoying a thousand and one cultural displays. The classic festival venues will once again be present at the festive event par excellence in Barcelona’s calendar, but you’ll see that, as always, new venues will be joining the celebrations, some right next to your home, which will help to take the festival all over the city and make it as diverse and extensive as possible.

Music, whether programmed as part of Música Mercè, as part of the BAM Festival or as part of the Cultura Viva programme, is once again the star of a celebration that adapts to current circumstances.

The festival is increasingly decentralised, things are happening closer and closer together. La Mercè is also an excellent excuse to get to know neighbourhoods that are off the beaten track, to walk where you’re not usually seen.

From 23 to 26 September, Barcelona celebrates the Festes de La Mercè, and you can’t miss it!