Barcelona’s gastronomy

In a cosmopolitan city like Barcelona we find establishments with cuisines from all over the world: Arabic, Asian, American, African and European… But if we are in the habit of trying local specialities wherever we travel, here are some of the most popular typical dishes from the province of Barcelona.


An arròs a la cassola must have rabbit, chicken, pork ribs, sometimes even sausage, accompanied by seasonal products, such as mushrooms or green beans. And near the sea, as is the case in Barcelona, fish and seafood are added. Parellada rice, very typical of Barcelona, is a rice dish with the meat already boned and the seafood peeled – perfect for those who don’t want to get their hands dirty.


Coca de recapte is a savoury coca made with bread dough covered with various ingredients. Typical is the escalibada – with roasted pepper, aubergine and onion, accompanied by anchovies and black olives. Or tuna with hard-boiled egg and red pepper.


There are few things more emblematic of Catalan gastronomy than butifarra amb seques (beans). The traditional one is pork with pepper, but there are numerous varieties, from truffled to apple and curry.

Among the typical stews are chicken with plums, cooked in a casserole with plums and pine nuts, and fricandó of veal and moixarnons (small dried mushrooms).


Esqueixada is a cold dish made with crumbled cod, peppers, olives, tomato and onion. Very similar is empedrat, with beans. Cod is also used to make bacallà a la llauna, an oven-roasted dish made with fried pieces of cod and a sauce of garlic, peppers, tomato, bay leaves and white wine.


A la catalana is made with boiled spinach and then sautéed with sultanas and pine nuts. And the broad beans, cooked in an earthenware casserole with ham, black sausage, Catalan sausage and bacon.


Escudella is a noodle and rice soup prepared with the broth from a stew of pork, chicken, chickpeas, vegetables and potatoes, called Carn d’olla, which is served as a separate dish to accompany the soup.


And of course, the classic bread with tomato is a must on any list of Catalan gastronomy. Best in tomato season, with a good virgin olive oil and a pinch of salt. It is eaten with cheese or cold meats, such as fuet.

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