Institut Guttmann

Institut Guttmann

The Institut Guttmann is a hospital specialising in the medical-surgical treatment and comprehensive rehabilitation of people (adults, young people and children) with spinal cord injury, acquired brain damage or other disabilities of neurological origin. Its main objective is to provide specialised, comprehensive, continuous, personalised care of the highest human, scientific and technical standards.

Stays at Institut Guttmann:

Institut Guttmann is a not-for-profit institution, its main objective being to promote, encourage and achieve the comprehensive rehabilitation of people affected by spinal cord injury, acquired brain damage or other disability of neurological origin, develop research and teaching in this field of neuroscience, and provide patients and families with the most appropriate support and services to achieve a satisfactory social reintegration; and at the same time contribute to the full recognition of their rights and equal opportunities.

The Abarco flats are ideal for a stay in Santa Coloma de Gramenet related to Institut Guttmann.

Abarco services for companions:

The Abarco flats have a fully equipped kitchen, space for two, three or four people, and weekly cleaning. In addition, the flats also have wifi internet connection service at no extra cost.