Clínica Sant Jordi

Hospital HM Sant Jordi

HM Sant Jordi Hospital is a medical-surgical and obstetric hospital located in the heart of the Sant Andreu district in Barcelona’s the Plaça de l’Estació.

Stays at HM Sant Jordi Hospital:

The fact that the Sant Jordi Clinic is located in the heart of the Sagrera Plan, about a thousand metres from the future central AVE station, means that the centre is in an area that is bound to experience a massive expansion. The location of the clinic has two important assets. One, the growth of the whole area and its corresponding equipments, and the other, its strategic location. As can be seen in the map of Barcelona’s districts, in terms of the location of public hospitals and private clinics, Clínica Sant Jordi is guaranteed exclusivity as a private medical-surgical and obstetric clinic in the districts of Sant Andreu, Nou Barris, San Marti and Horta. This condition gives the future project of the centre great strategic strength in the long term.

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