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Medical centres near the Acacia Suite Hotel

Are you looking for a hotel near the medical centres of Barcelona? The Acacia Suite is your ideal accommodation, being close to Eugin, Gravida, IVI, Hospital Clínic, Barraquer Ophthalmology Centre and IIBB, in the Sant Gervasi-Bonanova area.


1 step away

Acacia Suite is the perfect choice if you need to visit Hospital Clínic. In our apartments, you will find a perfect space for a quiet and relaxing stay for your appointments, your recovery or if you are visiting a loved one.

At the Acacia Suite we will offer you special rates and exclusive conditions if you come on behalf of the Hospital Clínic. Check our long-stay rates with no deposit, daily cleaning, 24-hour reception and electricity and water consumption included.

The hotel suites are spacious and have free Wi-Fi connection, kitchen, living room with flat-screen TV, safe and air conditioning/heating, as well as breakfast and room service available upon request. There is also a solarium, meeting room, terrace, and car park. We are the closest accommodation to Barcelona’s most important and world-renowned hospital centre. The perfect choice for your visits to Hospital Clínic.

Hospital Clínic de Barcelona was founded in 1906. It is the main hospital in the area and is also a university hospital. In addition, it is also an important research centre.


One of the leading institutions in ophthalmology

The Acacia Suite is the perfect option if you need to visit the Barraquer Ophthalmology Centre. In our apartments you will find a perfect space for a quiet and relaxing stay for your visits or while you are recovering. Special rates and exclusive conditions are available for guests undergoing treatment at Barraquer Clinic. Consult our long-stay rates, with no deposit, daily cleaning, 24-hour reception and electricity and water consumption included.

The Barraquer Clinic is a prestigious ophthalmology centre focusing on the management, treatment and research of eye diseases. It offers consultations and treatments for eye disorders, such as myopia, ocular degeneration, glaucoma, dry eye and many other eye-related conditions.


Fertility treatments

IVI is a private medical institution devoted entirely to assisted human reproduction.

They have the most cutting-edge technology in the field of assisted reproduction treatments, be it artificial insemination, in-vitro fertilisation and ovodonation.

IVI has developed Genetic IVF. This treatment includes both in vitro fertilisation and the subsequent genetic analysis of the embryos to make the best possible selection and thus increase the chances of pregnancy.


Assisted reproduction

Gravida is a fertility clinic in Barcelona, boasting a range of experts in assisted reproduction treatments to combat human infertility. They offer the most advanced technology and a leading team of professionals so that you can make the greatest project of your life a reality. If was founded in 2010 as a centre specialising in the study of infertility and the application of the most advanced treatments to solve fertility problems.

We have a state-of-the-art laboratory and experienced gynaecologists, embryologists, andrologists, geneticists and psychologists that allow us to treat each case with a multidisciplinary and integrated approach. At Gravida, the values of responsibility, professionalism and ethics that guide our work are always accompanied by exquisite humane treatment.


Fertility treatments

More than 18 years of experience vouch for the success of Eugin in assisted reproduction. They are specialists in treatments in: IAD, IVF and ovodonation.

Together with Eugin you will find the treatment that best suits your needs. All their assisted reproduction treatments and techniques are endorsed by numerous integrated-quality management systems. Commitment, dedication, service, excellence and personal and professional ethics. 5 values to define the true essence of Eugin.