Sarria Sant Gervasi


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In the heart of Barcelona just ten minutes from the Plaça de Catalunya, lies the district of Sarria Sant Gervasi, a stylish neighbourhood with a quiet, exclusive atmosphere that belies its central location.

The medieval streets of Sarria Sant Gervasi are ideal for a relaxing walk or enjoying the area’s high class shops and boutiques.  Here the word is excellence – handmade products are the norm and stores redefine the concept of luxury and sophistication.  The area has always been home to Barcelona’s upper classes and it’s here they commissioned some of the city’s most well-known Modernista buildings including Gaudi’s Bellesguard House.

Sarria Sant Gervasi’s most famous landmark is undoubtedly Tibidabo, the highest point of the Collserola hills,  where you will find one of the world’s oldest amusement parks, the imposing Sagrat Cor church and the Collserola telecommunications tower, designed by British architect Norman Foster.


Sarria y Sant Gervasi Sarria Sant GervasiSarria y Sant Gervasi Sarria Sant Gervasi