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Bonanova Suite, your hotel near IVI Clinic.



Bonanova Suite Hotel offers accommodation for both IVI patients and their accompanying friends or family members. Spacious apartments for your comfort near the clinic.

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Stays at IVI Clinic


160,000 children have been born thanks to the professional team and the best reproductive techniques used in IVI since 1990.

IVI Group boasts the best pregnancy rates, with 9 in every 10 couples achieving their parenting goals.
Today, IVI has more than 65 fertility clinics in several countries other than Spain: USA, Argentina, Brazil, Chile, UAE, India, Italy, Oman, Panama, Portugal and UK, each contributing to the 160,000 figure.


IVI Clinic in Barcelona is located at 14, Ronda General Mitre, 22 minutes from Bonanova Suite Hotel in 7, Bisbe Sivilla. You can access the map here.




Bonanova Suite for accompanying family members


Bonanova Suite prides itself in offering a devoted service to guests, both patients and family or friends, making sure that especially those staying for medical reasons have adequate facilities for a comfortable and swift recovery.
All our spacious apartments feature a fully-equipped kitchen. Among other services, we offer daily cleaning, complimentary wi-fi access and free written press.
Bonanova Suite also offers a complimentary snack every morning from 7:00 til 9:30.
Bonanova Suite, your best accommodation choice near IVI Clinic.



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For many years now, Bonanova Suite has been a reference hotel for hundreds of IVI patients seeking accommodation in Barcelona.


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Bonanova Suite, your hotel near IVI Clinic.